Going to the walk-in clinic is something most people are going to do at one point or another. You might have an emergency that can’t wait and being able to go to a nearby walk-in clinic makes a lot of sense. You have to figure out what is going to be useful to you as that is key.

However, there are five things most people don’t realize are going to be overlooked by the walk-in clinic and not relayed to you.

What are those five things that are not going to be told to you? Let’s take a look.

1) Prices Vary Across Clinics

Yes, to the surprise of many, you are not going to get the same rate for treatment across multiple clinics. You might end up being duped in this regard, so you have to stay as careful as you can. Those who don’t are the ones who pay a hefty price.

2) Direct Competition With Family Doctor

You might think walk-in clinics are different to family doctors, and there is no competition between them. This is untrue because walk-in clinics try to promote the idea of a “Fast food” setup where you walk in, get treated, and move on with life. There is no history, and you don’t have to rely on anything other than short-term treatment.

This is taking away money from the pockets of family doctors and most patients don’t even know that is the case.

3) Have Direct Connections To Agents

Yes, many insurance agents want to push you towards these clinics. They have built up relationships to make sure you are pushing down this path and think about it seriously.

This is why you have to be careful as a patient to make sure you are going because you want to and not because you have to.

4) Many Clinics Self-Regulate

Now, this is going to be a surprise to most patients. You are not going to realize, but there is a lot of leeway for walk-in clinics when it comes to regulation. They can make some of their decisions alone without having to consult anyone.

This is why you have to be careful at all times.

5) Can Turn People Away

Yes, you would never think this could happen, but a walk-in clinic has every right to turn people away. They are a private business in the end.

The same does not go for the hospital which has to look at every patient as it is a government body.

These are things that can lead to you not being checked if the doctor doesn’t feel like it.

These are the five things most walk-in clinics are never going to mention because it would push you away from them. They do everything to get you to stay onboard and continue to come to them as that is the only way they are going to make money.

Keep your eyes open at all times to make the right decision.